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Seres: *growls at the Physician then stands up straight and glares at General Sephiroth* I will not be molested by that woman any longer. She wants me to pull down my pants so that she can look at my nether regions. I refuse to let her touch that area. *narrows her eyes* If you want proof that I will always be perfectly healthy here. *locks her eyes on the General’s gun then teleports it into her hand. Then, she presses it against her temple and shoots herself in the head before anyone could stop her. This creates a rather large mess of blood on the floor in General Sephiroth’s room as Seres’s body slumps down. However, she only remains dead for a minute at most. Soon, she gets back up then glares at General Sephiroth* There, can any of your soldiers do that?

Noemi: *simply stares at the scene, uncertain of what to make of it. For the moment, she is completely speeachless. As Seres stands up again, her brow furrows and she looks into Sephiroth’s eyes, trying to find some sort of explanation*