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Kat Aclysm

General Seph: *mumbles to himself* I’ve never used the implant indexing for anything so mundane… *rests his head on his hand, and looks up for a moment, then grunts at Zack* Turn left as you leave this room. Walk eight feet and turn right. There is a soda machine at the end of that corridor. You will need 50 gil for it.

Zack: *fumbles through his pockets, looking sheepish* Do you have a hundred Gil coin I could use?

Physician: *swabs down the skin on Seres’s arm then gently inserts the syringe, depressing the liquid into her bloodstream, then removes the needle* All done. *places the cap bakc on the syringe, then throws it into a nearby trash can* We’ll move onto the next thing now. Sit back on the table and take off your shirt.

Sephiroth: *”I know that, but you can’t until they are satisfied with your level of health. It is a minor annoyance to bear.”*