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Jenna: *hisses as she falls off the cliff, but manages to remain upright. She lands ontop of a pile of rocks, releasing a loud “umph” due to the force of landing on her feet from that height. For a brief moment, she remains in a kneeling position as she recovers from her plummet, allowing the dust to hide her figure* ~Be quiet and stay out of my way, Sephiroth. This is not going to be a repeat of the last fight.~ *scowls at the male’s attempts to help her, not wanting assistance at all.*

*So, instead, she pays attention to the sounds of Clawina’s footsteps, pulling out a pair of katana swords while waiting. Once she hears the feline queen near her position while charging at the rubble, the sorceress leaps out from ontop of the rubble and flips over Clawina. Then, the sorceress swings around, anticipating Clawina’s own quick turn to face her. Once the two are out in the open, they begin to furiously fight. However, Jenna would do her best to stay a good distance away from Clawina, not desiring to be impaled by her spikes or sliced by her tail spike*