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The guards bow to Clawina’s demand and open up the doors in the back of the room. Once the entrance is opened, several dirty and haggard humans and shoved into the arena by several other of the higher evolved felines. These humans are both male and female, and they are both children and adults. Infact, there is one human present who is a female with a clearly recently born child in her hands. All of them are less than content, and the children are clearly weeping and asking why they are there. Meanwhile, the felines heard the humans toward the back of the arena before shoving a male who is about the age of twenty-five into the middle of the floor.

Clawina: *watches the parade of humans with an intense stare. There is a slight hint of a smile on her lips, but she is mostly remaining “regal” and stoic as her position dictates she should. Once all the humans are in place, she speaks up in English* The time to pay for your sins have come, humans. As dictated by my lord, you have all been sentenced to death for crimes that are unspeakable to all other creatures. Your race have caused destruction on grande scales. You have killed for the pleasure of killing, taking nothing more than skins in some cases. Some of your wretched species has even killed to prove you can and took nothing of that kill. Then, others of you take upon the lives of those weaker than your own. You make them slaves by not teaching them how to hunt for their own and take care of themselves. Then, you fail to provide the basic necessities that they require to survive. You starve, you beat, you shoot, and you commit acts that are unforgivable. For this, amoung other things, you have been condemned to death.

*She pauses for a moment then sadisticly smiles* And then, your species turn against your own kind and kill each other in mass numbers. *glances back to one of her attendants and nods. Soon afterwards, a monitor to the side of the room lights up and shows the reports of the fallen tower. In fact, by this time, the second tower is just about to fall. As the prisoners look up to see the destruction, several collapses onto the ground and begin to openly weep.* Out of your own selfishness, you strike down each other. Yet, in this arrogance, your species have killed others than your own kind as well.

To be continued.