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Jenna: *wiggles her fingers once the glove is on and releases a sigh of relief. For a few moments, all she does is test out the motion of her fingers, then she looks up at Sephiroth* Yes, it is hard, for me… *frowns before lifting up her right hand. She removes the glove from that hand then moves it about so that Sephiroth can see it better* See how the skin here is scarred? When I was young, say four or five, I was given my first pair of clawed gloves that were meant to give me weapons. They were designed to clasp onto the skin and act like a second skin; they also had electronic sensors that would connect to my skin and help me “feel” even with the gloves on. Unfortunately, they were not calibrated right and instead of just being right on my skin, they dug into my skin and nearly crushed my hands from here *points to her mid lower arm* down. Also, the sensors heated up and seared into my flesh. I nearly died. Fortunately, I was able to survive and healed, but not without nerve damage. So, for me, things like placing on my gloves are hard. *grips onto her second glove then slips it on*