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Jenna: *leans against the wall next to Berserk’s cell then flicks a switch that turns on the lights on in the small room. Once the lights flicker on, Berserk’s form can be clearly seen. The creature is completely black, with small patches of a dark grey where his horns are. He stands at nearly 12 feet tall and is approcimately 18 feet long. His largest claws on his hind legs are a daunting eight inches long. Meanwhile, the claws on his hands are five inches long each and quite thick. There are also two inch long claws on the back of his palms just above his knuckles. The creature hisses and looks up at Sephiroth directly. Unlike most creatures, his eyes are black on the outside and white in the pupils. Also, his eyes gleam with a dark intelligence, but his actions do not seem to reflect this. The creature rears up for a moment then spits out a large ball of acidic goo, which lands on the field that seperates Sephiroth from Berserk. The acid creates smoke as it hits the electronic field, but it can’t burn through that which is not solid. So, it just slides down to the floor* This, is Berserk. I thought I already told you who he is. He is a one of a kind creation… and a mistake.