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So, you want to score on the events

Yes, I’ve already done a guide on how to do intelligent uses of teams in order to make efficient moves and gain points for the events in Transformers: Earth Wars. However, I felt that the guide lacked some minor details that would assist those who are limited on time. Since I often check and see that people are stuck at 200 or so points for long periods of time, I feel as if it is proper to address the concepts that I have mastered when I use Eshrel.

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Prep talk for the upcoming event

Hello, my fellow Decepticons! As your leader, it is my duty to show you how to be a wicked killing machine, especially when it comes to events. This is especially important because I’m going to be pushing you harder than before to get minimum scores.

While I’m not aiming for the top seating in these events, I would like to see a decent position out of our team. Moreover, I want you all to grow stronger teams. So, racking up the points in these events is a win-win situation for all of us.

So, onto the tips on what you should do to get high scores with minimal effort.

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