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Event expectations and update

Seferia here, posting an update on the minimums expected for the event. In general, our minimums will remain extremely reasonable and obtainable to members who actively play the game. If for some reason these ever become unreasonable, I permit for members to speak up and argue with me.

Sure, I might be stubborn at first, but I will usually think on end about complaints given to me and back down if I hear enough complaints.

So, onto the bit announcement! Here it is: If you want to be considered as an active player, we expect for you to make the same sacrifices as our top members (naturally within reason). Thus, 500 points in three days is the minimum score expected. A few exceptions may apply, and I will attempt to check in on members that have been with us for a long period of time.

Anyway, great work on the event so far. We are nearing 60k and really pounding the event. Will we make it to the final goal? Eh… well, we knew the answer from the start, didn’t we? But we are trying! Don’t give up!

Yea, Seferia shutting up now.

Curse you, Hasbro!

I’ve been a fan of Transformers for years; however, I’ve mostly kept my toy collection restricted to either Starscream/the seekers or a few scattering of Decepticons in general. However, Hasbro has been recently producing a line that has multiple figures that I want to collect in general. The main guy in this upcoming line that I will need to find a good spot for is Devastator.

Images gathered from seibertron.com

He was one of the most prominent combiners that I noticed while I was growing up, especially since I watched the movie religiously as a child. However, I never really got around to collecting a version of him, whether because of missing out on it, not having the funds, or not liking the design. This time around, the only issue is space. However, I have plans and plots. I am certain that I can find a home for a single combiner. However, if the rumored Trypticon comes out as well…

We’ll get to that bridge when we cross it!

Anyway, there have recently been another set of announcements that have caught my eye.

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It’s been much too long

Sorry to anyone who might actually look at this blog, I’ve been a horrible person this past year and been busy with life in one way or another. So, I’ve not had a good chance to post here for a while. If you’re interested, I’ve been playing a lot of MH 4, which entertained me quite a bit for a good long time. In fact, MH 4 still entertains me, for it is a great game. However, I also have a bunch of other games that I want to play for a bit, so I’m working on them for the moment.

Also, these past few months have been filled with a choice to try to take some courses and improve my education. I’ve found that the local community college offers courses in Japanese, so I’ve been indulging myself in those courses. I have every intention of taking each of the courses they offer in the language so that I can come closer to being able to properly understand it. Some people may have noticed that I made very simple sentences in Hiragana on Twitter. Unfortunately, I do not know enough to go much farther than the simple sentences, but there will come a day in which I might be able to listen to raw Japanese without subtitles.

Anyway, as for the reason that I am making this post, I’ve been busy producing livestreams, and I hadn’t put them up on this blog! So, please feel free to check out the recordings after the break.

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Seferia excels at dying

A pity that the Fall of Cybertron doesn’t excel at much at all. I’m certain that many missed this over the weekend, for it was unscheduled. Not to mention, I had a short bit where my X-split was lying to me. It claimed that it was streaming when it wasn’t. Anyway, enjoy watching as I die in multiple ways.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Now, if you are at all interested in my opinion on Fall of Cybertron: Activision did screw up. Co-op was a big yay for War of Cybertron. It made the campaign fun and worth playing multiple times. Fall does not have Co-op. You play solo through very long and not too interesting levels. It feels like they drag on without anyone there to laugh at your failures/triumphs.

So, all you have left to play with your friends is Escalation or multiplayer. Both are ok, but they just aren’t good enough on their own.

In my firm opinion, if you are not some hard-core Transformers fan, this title should be skipped.