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It is honestly quite amazing….

I’ve been a part of Capcom-Unity for about two years now. Nearly the entire time, I’ve had my steam account mentioned in my signature. Yet, only recently have some of the people who I actively speak to actually noticed that I have Steam. I received many “wow, Seferia, you have Steam?”s when I joined the WOM group on Steam.

I’ve even previously mentioned jumping on a sale of Skyrim on Steam this past winter…. People are just honestly strange.

Anyway, I spent most of my night last night messing with Adobe Premiere. I had somewhat messed with the program in the past. After all, I went to college with a Flim/Video/Animation degree in mind, though I didn’t follow through… But that’s beside the point. Anyway, I had forgotten most of how to use the program, though most of it is quite self-explanatory. Overall, I had the largest problem figuring out how to encode my project into a format for YouTube.

Well, I think I finally figured it out this morning. So, hopefully that very simple edit job will be up and available on YouTube tonight.