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Oh, Sony…

Sony, Sony, Sony.  Yes, I am going to get your Move, but still, Sony…  This just smacks with arrogance.  I mean, do we really need to get to mudslinging in the console wa-  Oh right, we already had that from way back in my youth.

Does it make business sense to downplay your competitors by pointing out their flaws?  Yes.  Is it the smoothest move around?  Probably not.  I am quite glad that they showed gameplay along in this advertisement, but perhaps they should have just brought up the positive points without the comparisons?

Oh, who am I kidding?   Every company on the face of the Earth does this sort of stuff.  Perhaps not to this degree, I mean, they use “studies show” instead.  So, I should expect this sort of attitude.

Anyway, I have to be honest, I did enjoy the commercial.