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This is… Newsworthy?

Well, I decided to pick on the news for today, since video games just aren’t providing…  Ok, they are providing fun topics, but I want to talk about something different.  So, I went to Google News and I found this:

Super-sized mother determined to become world’s fattest woman in two years | Mail Online.

I think my brain just broke.  Ok, this person is overweight.  They are unhealthy.  So, what do they decide to do?  …They decide that they want to gain even more weight to make a world record.  This is admirable?

Really, is this some sort of admirable act?  Because I don’t see why this person should be encouraged by anyone.  However, I read bits in this piece about how people have sent this women items to help her gain weight.  Just… wow.

Now, does everyone need to be a tooth-pick?  No.  However, you don’t encourage someone to break a world record by making oneself unhealthy.  It just should never be done.