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More lessons while experimenting

I’m still on my quest for the perfection in which I seek. This perfection is escaping me for now, but I will eventually obtain it, I swear.

However, Trillian turned out to not be the key to that perfection.

Last night, I once again performed a number of test streams. This time around, I did some research and looked at my resources. When I glanced over what programs were munching up resources, I quickly found that Skype likes to eat a whole lot of resources. I also noticed that Trillian, on the other hand, does not. So, a brilliant plan of using Trillian instead of Skype for stream Skype calls came into play.

It didn’t work out as well as the brilliant plan idea that had been envisioned. Apparently, while Trillian does indeed use less resources, it doesn’t have an option to turn off the mic volume adjustments. So, my voice was regularly brought to a near whisper thanks to the program’s tendencies. So, Trillian has been cut out of the available options.

Maybe I’ll look into the mumble thing that had been mentioned once. I remember using vent while on WoW, and that was a nice program, though I wouldn’t want to pay for another vent server.

Anyway, if you want to watch the fail, here you go.

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Bash things enough, and maybe something happens

This past week has been filled with a lot of trial and error. For that bit, I apologize. I wish that I could get programs to work the way that I want them to the first shot. However, things regularly need to be bashed in order to discover all the bugs. Then tweaked and bashed again.

It’s never a pretty process.

Anyway, OBS project has been fired. Sorry to all those that love that program, when it drops my streams like crazy, it gets shot and told “you suck!” I do not know what else I could do to get that program to work properly. I’ve tired, but it simply is not meant to be.

So, last night, I brainstormed and decided to try another approach. This approach involved minimizing the preview on Xsplit so that it would not use up so many unnecessary resources. I also bumped up the bitrate for the sound. The result sounded like it was close to what I wanted. So, I think I have it.

So, feel free to watch that result here. Or just listen. It’s probably more fun to just listen to this one.

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