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War info for 8/6 – USA Alliance

Short event breaks are short. This weekend’s event was so easy for us to finish that we didn’t even need a full day. However, I still took a full day break so that we could reset our start time to around my preferred 5:30 time.

In fact, I started the war early and got us a match nearly right away. We’ll see if this was a good move or not.

So, onto the line-up with tips!

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War Info for 8/3

I’m going to be very upfront on today’s war, it’s going to be rough. However, I am going to be upfront with another bit as well, we are doing well in Gold League so far. So, even though this is going to be a very rough war, we have been kicking butt.

So, everyone do your best and fight tooth and nail! Hmm… that’s not very Transformery… oh wells.

Onto the line up!

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