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Ad Hoc Party, You are driving me nuts!

For the past two days, Ad Hoc Party on the PS3 has been extremely unstable. Monday wasn’t too bad, we were able to get a decent amount of hunts in before things disconnected. However, yesterday was absolutely horrible. I just… don’t even know where to start on how horrid yesterday was.

At first, it seemed fine, Zeke and I were getting quests done. I triple-carted while bowing a Copper Blangonga…. Yea, not my best moment there. We killed Nargas for Deva. Then, things went bad quick. First we disconnected, then we tried to make a new room. Once we were all in and ready, we disconnected again. Ad Hoc went even more bonkers by only telling us that A1 was available… all in red. So, we tried the Japanese Ad Hoc. For three minutes, it looked good, then we disconnected yet again.

This went on and on and on… Eventually we gave up. At least Deva and I got some practice beating each other up in Mahvel last night.