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I hate it when I find this stuff

So, when someone finds a story that’s counting at near to 150,000 words, one would believe that story would have some potential of being written in some semblance of a proper way, right? It’s only logical that someone who writes a lot of words learns something by writing a lot of words. Or so, one would think.

However, it has been proven to me on many occasions that this belief in the ability of humans to learn from their activities is not quite right. It seems that doing an activity a lot does not mean that they grasp the basics of that activity. Oh no, there is absolutely no correlation to the number of words one writes to how good the story is. Ok, there’s some correlation, but not much.

So, anyway, I’ve drained dry many of my usual spots, so I wandered away again to another section to look for stories. Thus, I encountered this story. The first few sentences looked acceptable enough to entertain me for a short bit, then it went downhill. I soon found that all the dialogue was being shoved into single paragraphs, which made it next to impossible to read. The grammar was nearly as bad, but I regularly give people breaks for being strange with things like having periods outside of quotations.

So, I decided to do something insane just to see if perhaps the author improved while writing 60 chapters. I skipped ahead to the last few chapters. At that point, I didn’t last long at all.

I saw Megatron and Hydra mentioned before I crossed my eyes. Even if the ability to write a story had improved, the plot did not appear to be worth the time to attempt to stomach.

So, yes, lesson fermented even more. Long story does not insure good story.

The swarm conquers all

Except Seferia’s desire to be lazy last night. I almost didn’t play any Starcraft last night because I was on the edge of falling asleep.

In fact, I spent most of my evening watching Hellsing Ultimate, which I blame Meez for. He’s currently using Alucard as his avatar, which reminded me that the original anime series was interesting and that I had never gone back to properly watch Ultimate. I’ll definitely say that Ultimate is much better than the original anime series.

Anyway, back on the real subject. Starcraft is going quite well. I may flail about when having to play as Terrans, but I zerg with some form of ability. I’m not fully certain what that ability is, but I do do it.

Anyway, feel free to enjoy the show after the more:

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