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Alliance Roll Call!

Seferia here, she is about to do something that might be extremely mean to many. However, this is in the interest of finding out exactly how many of what type of base we have.

At the time of this posting, I am too tired to put much into this post, so I shall say this much: try to make certain you get build bots! Build bots will help you keep up with the changes in the alliance.

Also, for anyone above lvl 10 bases, make certain you get your motars and beams up. They will help out.

Onto the roll call! I want to know how many of what we have!

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War info for 8/6 – USA Alliance

Short event breaks are short. This weekend’s event was so easy for us to finish that we didn’t even need a full day. However, I still took a full day break so that we could reset our start time to around my preferred 5:30 time.

In fact, I started the war early and got us a match nearly right away. We’ll see if this was a good move or not.

So, onto the line-up with tips!

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Event expectations and update

Seferia here, posting an update on the minimums expected for the event. In general, our minimums will remain extremely reasonable and obtainable to members who actively play the game. If for some reason these ever become unreasonable, I permit for members to speak up and argue with me.

Sure, I might be stubborn at first, but I will usually think on end about complaints given to me and back down if I hear enough complaints.

So, onto the bit announcement! Here it is: If you want to be considered as an active player, we expect for you to make the same sacrifices as our top members (naturally within reason). Thus, 500 points in three days is the minimum score expected. A few exceptions may apply, and I will attempt to check in on members that have been with us for a long period of time.

Anyway, great work on the event so far. We are nearing 60k and really pounding the event. Will we make it to the final goal? Eh… well, we knew the answer from the start, didn’t we? But we are trying! Don’t give up!

Yea, Seferia shutting up now.