Seferia is caught up at work and healing from surgery

So, she is going to be blogging more once again. Sorry for the long departure from my own site, I just took a basic break from the internet after my surgery in order to help promote healing.

Many already know what occurred, so I do not feel like giving a long detailed post on that for the time being. I’m healing, all’s good, and life is moving on.

Instead, I want to make a post of utter ridiculousness because I can make a post of that nature here. It is fully in my rights to post my insane thoughts. Thus, I am posting them for the world to see.

I wish to formally propose that the “Rule of Seferia” be made an official statement hidden somewhere in the localization of a Monster Hunter game in some date in the future. The rule has been proven true, and I think it should be made known to all.

What is the “Rule of Seferia”? Well, many have witnessed it in action and saw it to be true and very effective, so I shall list the rule right now.

The Rule of Seferia:

If the subject named Seferia is hunting a monster and doing anything aside from relentlessly attacking the monster, such as healing or setting a trap, the monster will immediately turn its attention to Seferia and aim to counteract the actions of said Seferia. In effect, Seferia is always wearing the Taunt skill, even when her armor does not have taunt anywhere near it.

Furthermore, observation has added a second part to the Rule of Seferia. If Seferia makes a call for death prior to the start or near to the start of a quest, there is a 90% chance that Seferia’s prediction will come true. This perdiction may include the number of deaths or who will die. Her predictions are to be considered highly accurate.

I have video proof of the first section of the Rule of Seferia as well as many eye witnesses that have praised it for making them look good. The Rule is real.

Though in all seriousness, I’m only joking around and don’t care if it never shows up as some hidden text. Though it would be cool

In other news… My PS3 YLOD, so I can’t stream any MH from there this week. It is in for repairs and should hopefully be back next Tuesday.

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