Dang, the holiday season is quickly approaching

This is a short blog today, for I don’t really have much to comment on at the moment.

I’ve been looking at the dates and going “dang, it’s time to spend a lot of time on my Amazon Wishlist again”. Just shy of 2 months away from my birthday, then soon after, it’ll be Christmas season. I already am buying myself a WiiU, so I might as well fill up my wishlist with stuff and update the notes so people don’t just assume old stuff on there is really wanted.

It’s kind of a fun little activity, messing with my wishlist and updating it. Keeps me entertained at work, at the least.

Meanwhile, I got to GR 19 in White Knight Chronicles II last night, yay! I am just 9 more levels and one more GR away from being an 80! Then… I need a lot of Vels and stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Stuff is good. Mmmm-hmmm.

I am really grateful that I joined the guild that I did in WKC, though. NekonimisFTW has been a great group. We all have helped each other and been rather friendly. Though I’ve only met a small handful of the entire guild so far.

Hopefully I’ll be able to convince more of my friends to join the game, because the online quests are really fun.

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