Yesetday was not a good day for Seferia

Well, another blog post of life stuffs. Go ahead and go to sleep now, for there will be a lot of not much for you to care about in here.

Starting Tuesday evening, around 11pm PST, I started having a sharp pain in my abdominal area. I’ve had a history of extreme, painful constipation that usually passes as soon as the annoyance is out of my system. I’ve had these often enough that I’ve come up with a term for it for my own purposes: a purge cycle. So, I initially thought the pain in my guts was nothing short of this. So, I didn’t sleep most of Tuesday evening and spent most of the night thinking of how to rip out my guts from my body.

Unfortunately, the normal “cycle” did not occur and the pain lasted into the following day. Still, thinking it was nothing more than annoying constipation, I went into work and did my best to ignore the pain. I am rather great at ignoring pain. So great, in fact, that I’ve frightened a nurse at an emergency room by just staring him in the eye as he set my broken foot after I refused pain medications. Apparently, few are able to do a feat like that.

Anyway, the pain lasted, but it felt like it was manageable, so I tried eating something that usually makes things do stuff, fries, that evening. This perhaps was my worse decision. That or the pepto that I took that evening as well. Anyway, the pain returned with a vengeance on Wednesday evening, though I once again did my best to ignore it. However, in the process, I did completely frighten Russia, for we were in a voice chat when the pain started to really hit me. He heard my voice waver and become rather… well, the pain was getting to me.

No matter, being the stubborn being that I am, I was going to ignore the pain and just assume that it was a pulled muscle or something like that. So, I got myself set with a heat pad and tried to sleep. That was, I was going to ignore it until I vomitted that evening near the midnight hour. At first, I was grateful that something had happened so things weren’t just sitting there, but as I looked at the vomit, I became concerned. For, I couldn’t tell if the red in the vomit was blood or half-way digested pepto bismol. Not to mention, throwing up after taking pepto was likely a bad sign.

So, being the pain that I am, I decided I wanted immediate advice and assistance. Thus, I dialed my mother for her advice on the matter. After speaking to her, she convinced me to go the emergency room, for she thought it could have been appendicitis, something I doubted. Despite my doubts on the seriousness, I did feel her advice to get it looked at immediately versus waiting until the morning was probably for the best.

For these reasons, I spent most of my evening in the emergency room. As a side note: I love that when I feel unwell, my temperature actually drops. I saw the reading, it was 96.7 or something like that. Proof that I’m cold-blooded as I claim, no? Anyway, the doctors immediately paid attention to my complaints and wanted to do tests to find out what was wrong.

So, over the course of several hours, I listened to one woman loudly moan and beg for an IV with pain meds (I think she may have been a drug addict, the moaning was too prominent to be real!), got an ultrasound of my abdominal area, had blood taken for tests (in which the nurse was very happy that my veins are extremely visible), and provided urine for tests as well. Since all of this took several hours to complete, I mostly curled up on the hospital bed and tried to nap as best as I could through the pain.

In the end, the results came back. I was informed that I had gallstones and those were the source of my pain. In all honesty, I am quite glad that’s what was wrong. I did not want it to be something major. I really didn’t want to have to worry about getting an implant or something horrid. I also didn’t want to find out that I was an overreacting idiot; strange as it may sound, I did want it to have a real reason for going to the emergency room.

Anyway, I was sent home after being given the diagnosis and some prescriptions for anit-pain narcotics and anti-nausea drugs. On the way home, I unfortunately vomited one last time in Steve’s car. I really hope that it comes out, since that Jeep is relatively new and nice. Once home, I had to wait several long hours for us to be able to obtain the pain meds. So, I developed a low-tech way of relieving pain, for just being in the bed did not allow me to sleep. I filled up my bathtub with hot water and soaked in it for several hours so that I would be able to relax.

After a few hours of that, I retreated to a recliner which had a heated back setting. I soon found a new reason to love that setting, the heat was very useful for managing the pain. So was the Calpyso that decided to lay on my stomach and act as a heat pad. Thus, I spent most of Thursday sleeping on that recliner with a cat sleeping on me.

At the moment, I’m at work for a few hours, doing what little I can through the haze of my pain meds. I’ll be going to a doctor later today for some follow-up on all of this. From what I’ve been told, I will most likely need surgery to solve all of this.

Anyway, there’s my long life update that you probably couldn’t care less about.

In other news, I have a Wii U reserved at Best Buy because Amazon’s being silly and not putting up their preorder page. I also got some good news in that Monster Hunter Tri G (now known as Ultimate) is coming to the West. Thanks Yuri for giving me that good news.

Anyway, I am ending my long post of stuff. I’m also noting that this one blog post is longer than some fanfics that I’ve seen on… Amateur, writers there, learn how to write!

Oh… if for some reason you want to comment to me on what I just wrote about and don’t want to make an account here, do note that I’ve set this blog up to accept comments from twitter/facebook accounts. You can also be 100% anonymous.

4 thoughts on “Yesetday was not a good day for Seferia”

  1. I hope you feel better soon. T_T
    I reserved my Wii U as well, and I can’t wait to try the new Monster Hunter as well. I hope maybe we can play MH3 together. Nya.

    1. Thank you. It seems my hardest job is getting a hold of a surgeon at the moment…

      I love gaming systems, so I was going to get the Wii U even before MH was announced for it. However, if you get Tri, just yell at me and I’ll see if I can hop onto my Wii.

  2. As I told you in chat, I’m glad you’re okay ^.^
    I want a Wii U too…of course..I wanted one already due to Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros 4…but now I can add Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate too.

    1. Thank you for your sentiments, Deva. I am fine in the immediate. I have a doctor’s appointment on Oct 1st to follow up with all of this.

      And I had plans to buy a Wii U even before MH was announced for it. So, I was going to preorder it no matter what. It’ll be a belated birthday present for me.

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