I must admit, I am intrigued

During the last few months, I’ve taken a few quick peaks at the new title coming out of Atlus, Trauma Team.  I have to admit, the premise is so insane and off the wall that it is attracting me.  I can’t imagine a more insane choice of doctors, even Scrubs would have to bow to the insanity of this cast.  They are simply out there.

However, I am held back by my past experiences with this series, namely, the first entry on the Wii.  I simply couldn’t stand the controls and killed patients left and right there.  However, perhaps I just didn’t give it a good enough try, or perhaps I should have tried the series on the DS.

I’ve also spotted the DS titles on sale for cheap on Amazon.  I may, I repeat: may, decide to go ahead and give at least one of them a try.

As for this title, I think it is fair to say that I will wait until it is on sale.  Even with the insanity that is weaved into it, I simply cannot see this game to be worth fifty dollars.

Official Trauma Team Website.

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