To all from Capcom Unity who visit my site

As you all should know, Unity went down today so that it could undergo a massive update and revamp.  I can assure that revamp is going to be sweet with a lot of new features and pretty stuff.

However, until the site is back up, you are free to stalk me over here.  If you bump into something that gives you issues here, feel free to e-mail me at psychopyro [dot] locita [at] gmail [dot] com or just message me in general.  I will do my best to remove any blocks between you and your ability to communicate here.

If you’re wondering what would make Seferia do anything against you here: just no porn/torrents/other illegal activities.  Crosswinds doesn’t want me doing illegal/porn stuff here, they are my webhost, and thus don’t be illegal/pornographic.  Curse if you really want to, but try not to be too grating or I might give you the evil glare of glariness.

Oh, and also, don’t be a spambot.  WangGuard will hunt you down.  If it misses you, I’ll get you!

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Comments are also welcome, if you haven’t commented before, I need to just give you an approval and you’ll be set for “life”.

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