Hehehe…. Oopsie…

Seferia done goofed a few times these last few days. First, she gets herself locked out of her own site for fifteen minutes because she was messing around with settings and trying to find files and opening bad areas of her site.. The security system that was responsible for that got fried and fired.

Then Seferia tried to add in an alternative anti-spam to WangGuard, but it conflicted with Jetpack. Seferia did not like that, so that plugin got fried and fired.

Then… Seferia realized that the Jetpack comments that she liked because they permitted for Twitter and Facebook peoples to comment without making an account on her site were locked out because a Captcha add-on was not showing… Seferia should have tested that a few weeks ago when she added Jetpack. Silly Seferia. All is fixed now. The plugin did not get fried, but Seferia tweaked with it to make it work better.

Seferia also let her friend Kat know that she had a plugin installed that generated auto-tweets that claimed that Seferia was talking when it was Kat talking. Seferia might change the wording if her Aussie sister decides to abuse her site again.

Now, if only she could figure out what is making wordpress load slowly at times. It could just be crosswinds.

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