I shouldn’t want this, but it is too cute to not want.

I will be honest, this looks like a childish game.  I am certain that it is targeting children with the design of the characters.  Yet, despite that fact, I can’t deny that it is completely adorable.  Perhaps I am a sucker, perhaps I am insane, but I want this game despite how childish it appears.

Is there anything wrong with that, though?  Absolutely not.  I can indulge in silly things like that and find contentment in my existence.  For instance, at the moment, I have a guilty obessession with Endless Ocean.  The game, honestly, isn’t the greatest.  However, I just love it.  I love dolphins;  I love sharks;  I love the idea of diving; and I probably would never get to experience this stuff in real life.

Oh wells, here’s to loving those unique queer games that get overlooked by the X-box Live “hardcore” idiots.

Source: Monster Hunter > Thread – Felyne Spinoff Trailer.

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