Journey is a beyond glorious experience.

Yesterday, I had the great excitement of having a game that I was greatly anticipating arrive in the mail. Certainly, I could have picked it up before straight from the PSN. However, at the time I wanted to wait for a sale. Then, this was announced:


and I knew for certain that I wanted it in that format. I was not disappointed by the set.

This collection is well worth the money. Each of the games are breathtaking. Not to mention, Flow, Flower, and Journey all provide soundtracks which are equally as majestic. Even when I was done playing Journey, I spent my time last night playing Flower and listening to the music from Journey.

If you have never considered picking up this title, you should definitely consider it. This game is unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced before. I believe that this game may have actually managed to capture the experience of just pure wonder at art in a game. Each moment was breathtaking to me. I do not know if I can explain in words how absolutely wonderful this game is.

For any that need more convincing to buy this game, here is some of the great music and visuals. Warning for spoilers. Hence, I shall hide it behind a more.

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