I’m so broke this year…

So, so, broke. However, the things I’m buying are so awesome. Dang you dillemmas!

I just came across this pair, and I’m so nabbing them!


My Monster Hunter plush collection is growing big-time. There’s a lot of Rathalos and Rathians, but I don’t care. They’re all so cute.

Journey’s Collector’s Edition also shipped out yesterday. I use prime, so that should arrive tomorrow, but I won’t be playing tomorrow. I have plans to Stream and play LBP 2 with the WOM. So, Journey will have to wait until Thursday.

Oh, that reminds me, I should try to nab the soundtrack for Journey. I had heard one song during Video Games Live, it was quite enjoyable. For that matter, I should also hunt down Skyrim’s theme and add it to my music collection.

6 thoughts on “I’m so broke this year…”

        1. Strange random place for you to ask that… lol.
          Yes, I do, but it basically serves no purpose other than to fav stories. I think I sign into it once a year.

    1. Ah, in that case, I shall refer you to the “Kindred sites” area on the side. The RP forum is full of a ton that I have written. So is the wiki that was meant to house a colab fanfic that… well, life.

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