Seferia excels at dying

A pity that the Fall of Cybertron doesn’t excel at much at all. I’m certain that many missed this over the weekend, for it was unscheduled. Not to mention, I had a short bit where my X-split was lying to me. It claimed that it was streaming when it wasn’t. Anyway, enjoy watching as I die in multiple ways.

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Now, if you are at all interested in my opinion on Fall of Cybertron: Activision did screw up. Co-op was a big yay for War of Cybertron. It made the campaign fun and worth playing multiple times. Fall does not have Co-op. You play solo through very long and not too interesting levels. It feels like they drag on without anyone there to laugh at your failures/triumphs.

So, all you have left to play with your friends is Escalation or multiplayer. Both are ok, but they just aren’t good enough on their own.

In my firm opinion, if you are not some hard-core Transformers fan, this title should be skipped.

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