Video game developers, please stop doing things like this!

See the awesomeness right there?  Yea, that.  Custom skins that are all great and part of a game that I am planning on buying because it looks like a ton of fun.  Hence, I want all of them!

However, the greatness which is capitalism has come up with the most twisted evil plot around.  You see, each and every one of those guys is a promo for a different store.  Ratchet and Clank is from Amazon, Kratos is from Gamestop, and Nathan Drake is from Best Buy.  This is just pure torment.  If I wanted all of them, I’d have to buy the game three times.

Now, logic states that these will be timed exclusives, like those that came with Little Big Planet.  So, I just need to pick my favorite now then wait it out for the rest to be released as DLC.  Still, that is beside the point.  I would much rather have a congruent reward system where I can get all three of them no matter who I pre-order from.


Well, onto pondering the evil which is this pre-order.  I am an Amazon logalist… but Nathan Drake is cute….  And Kratos is Kratos…

Source: ModNation Dated, Kratos, Ratchet & Clank, And Nathan Drake Join The Race – ModNation Racers – Kotaku.

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