Boring day.

Well, I can’t really comment about today. There was absolutely nothing that happened. Even my video game news sources didn’t provide much of excitement today, which is to be expected mid-week. Things just don’t happen in the middle of the week.

I suppose I could comment on the three year old that shot itself a few days ago, but does that really matter? The father left a loaded, ready gun out in reach of a three year old. No matter what Wii peripheral the girl may have used, that never should have happened. And hence, I have the same opinion as to nearly everyone else who has read the story. Yep, nothing much of excitement there.

I spotted Fire Emblem for the Wii at a decent price, for I had held off too long when it was available. So, now I’m paying 45 + 6 dollars shipping to get it. Could I possibly get it cheaper from Gamestop? Sure. Do I want it used? No.

Well, there you have it… Boring day, huh?

At least I can leave you with this knoweldge: Monster Hunter is addicting.

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