Yet another stream from Seferia

The WOM had an issue this evening, they do a weekly stream, but their streamer was AWOL. Thus, they talked Seferia into actually getting onto Monster Hunter Tri. Here are the results.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

We are sooo serious!

Also, so I never lose this information, for I had issues getting the recording to go into widescreen until after the fact:

“I had trouble with getting my PVR to record the Wii on widescreen but I’ve seemed to got it now. If anyone else is having trouble, all I did was set up ArcSoft ShowBiz to capture, had both the Hauppauge and Wii on, turned off the Hauppauge and turned it on again and pressed the refresh button on the next to the Source dropdown box in the Capture window.”


2 thoughts on “Yet another stream from Seferia”

  1. You are amazing compared to me 😉 haha

    I suck at this game but it is fun online. Getting beaten all the time, ah the memories. But, trust me you could kick my ass easily.

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