So hate it when I run my fanfiction supply dry.

I tend to read fanfiction for fun. I also tend to try to read the good stuff, though I’ll read the bad stuff to humor myself as well. At the moment, all the good stuff is not updated, and the bad but funny is also in short supply. So, I’m left with the horrid “oh hell no” stuff….

Yea, that’s no fun at all.

5 thoughts on “So hate it when I run my fanfiction supply dry.”

  1. I remember one of the first fanfics I ever read was a story about a fatalis attacking a small hunter village…i think. Oh man, can’t even remember it! But back on topic, that sucks Sef, keep lookin though.

    1. Welcome to Halcyon, Miskey. First rule: there is no topic, for chaos rules!

      I can’t remember what was the first fanfic I ever read, but I know that one of the first was Kat_Aclysm’s. Our RP is part of what killed that fic…

      I’m trying out some other fanfics to tide me over while I wait for the good authors to get some stuff churned out. But yea, my main “I’m bored at work” activity is very dry at the moment.

      1. Ahhh, chaos. Nothing like it.

        For the bored at work (or for me: bored at school) I just draw till my hand cramps, haha. Fanfics are awesome for me cause I just like to read the creativeness of other people, so I can 1). enjoy myself and 2). to expand my own creative juices 🙂

        1. I’m kinda at a rut with my drawing. Anyway, it’s less obvious when I’m reading a fanfic. I can get away with it a lot easier than playing FU or drawing.

          1. I have to say I love your drawings! I only saw the one on your deviantart page, but they were very badass. I especially liked Seferia the Dragon, I guess you could call it.

            Yeah, heh. I could see how it would be less obvious.

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