People seem to be collecting evidence that Seferia breaks games.

Even Seferia is collecting evidence against herself.  Perhaps Seferia’s technique of not reading what she’s supposed to be doing and just doing stuff…  Nope, the two recorded incidents have nothing to do with that.

You see, first Seferia livestreamed herself while she was playing Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles.  Overall…   Well, Seferia died a lot and made  few mistakes.  However, there was one point in which Seferia was baffled for just a small bit.

You see, the monkey is apparently not supposed to fall down that hole.  However, the monkey did fall down the hole.  Seferia didn’t initially notice that the monkey had fallen down the hole, and by the time she noticed, she was confused as to how to hit it.  Her window of opportunity was rather small and the monkey stopped jumping after a time.  Luckily, blast damage took care of the issue.

Meanwhile, Seferia got blamed for this little thing by proxy, for she was hosting the game.

Seferia actually had nothing to do with the incident filmed.  She was running around town when the boys glitched themselves.  Seferia didn’t even witness the sky-walking.  Instead, Seferia just saw a motionless hovering hunter.  Thus, Seferia could be witnessed shooting at something close to the ground, for that is where she was seeing Zero.

So, Seferia denies any responsibility for this one.  Seferia was hosting the game, that is all.

4 thoughts on “People seem to be collecting evidence that Seferia breaks games.”

  1. I’m not buying your excuse for the second one. I’m just gonna have to make a point to collect more data. I seem to remember hearing about an incident with you and Zero during the Transformers game, something about you falling through the floor to infinity.

    1. Seferia is strange. Thus, it is natural for her to do strange things.

      Also sorry for the delay in giving you approval, have not been home.

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