Seferia will probably stream tomorrow on the 4th of July

I’m definitely thinking of streaming something tomorrow. Now, I shall possibly poke Darius and the crew and see if they want to do a revived fight night stream. If not, perhaps I’ll do Borderlands with Malek. Maybe I’ll just do P3rd.

I should also try to figure out which night the EVO crew will be meeting up for dinner. If it’s Friday, I might have issues trying to work out the P3rd stream on Friday. I’ll figure it out. Mmmm-hmmm.

8 thoughts on “Seferia will probably stream tomorrow on the 4th of July”

  1. Well, the WOM might be streaming some Tri, so I was going to try and attend that. However, I do want to play some Borderlands with you. I’m not sure I need more sodium in my diet, so I’m hedging on the Fight Night suggestion, but I suppose I could be persuaded to attend for a tiny bit of salt.

    Malek’s vote = Borderlands

    1. Awww… well, talk Zeke into making the WOM stream a simul-stream Borderlands stream! Mmmm-hmmm…

      I could also try streaming Halo Anni on Legendary with Zero…. hrm…

      1. Well, I’d be up for attending two streams tomorrow. I do have the day off. WOM won’t start till 7ish EST. And please, stream anything BUT Halo!!!! hehe, I kid I kid…

            1. Yay, fully fixedt the colors and increased the thread option to be a max of 10…. I’ll see if I can make it infinite or something later.

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