A major purchase justified.

God of War III Review: Olympic Glory – god of war III – Kotaku.

Mmm…  The opinion here definitely makes it sound like I have spent my money well.  For, I have went ahead with the insane and already have the ultimate edition-

God of War III Ultimate Edition

-on pre-order at Amazon.  Is it a lot of money to spend 90 dollars on such a treat?  Sure.  However, I think I will enjoy it quite a bit.

In other news, the reviews for Final Fantasy XIII are a disappointment for me.  Square, please do us one major thing: allow for Jap language tracks in your games from now on.  Other companies have managed to do this, so can you.  At the very least, that will alleviate some of the “horrid dub” opinions that jRPGs are pegged with.

As for the rest of the stigma..  I understand that people want the RPGs to only have some random avatar as the main character, which they can personalize like crazy.  However, do you really get an iconic character that way?  I really don’t want the RPG genre to go purely non-linear.  Having a strong character and story can be great assets.

Overall, I think both options of RPG are great.  However, don’t rate down an RPG game solely because it has a linear story that it wants to tell.  I’m really tired of that trend.

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