Woot! New add-on for my blog works! Now to needlessly ramble.

Not that anyone really reads this. However, I feel like using it, so I shall use it since I feel like it.

Anyway, this past weekend, Steam had a great sale on Dues Ex. The Dues Ex collection was selling for 14.99. That’s a whole lot of gaming and fun for little price. So, I decided to go ahead and jump on it after about a day of thinking.

So far, I haven’t regretted the choice at all. I started off with Dues Ex: Human Revolution, since that was the game that I had been eying off for some time. While I’ve been dying a lot, most of my deaths can be blamed solely on me being careless and not on any silly game quirk that would frustrate me. I’m also having fun just running around all over the place and hacking everything. I can’t wait to unlock more augments and mess with them.

Also, this weekend, I attempted to go back to another game that I had bought a few months back, Divinity II. Yea… That game is all sorts of frustrating. I should make videos of me yelling in frustration at it, since there have been plenty of moments of that… Heck, the game consistently glitched on me about 10 straight times as I attempted to restart the game because it wouldn’t load a guy’s dialogue. There’s just something not right with that game.

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