Notes from the stream last night

Well, I survived and didn’t faint or anything while doing my first ever live stream. I know my voice sucks and I’m not the greatest personality, but I think I did ok… minus the hour in which my voice wasn’t broadcasting due to an attempt to fix one technical glitch which caused another.

I am aware that there were lag issues throughout the stream, so I’m doing further research into my set-up in order to help improve on the recording. With luck, it’ll all sort out soon enough.

Also, I believe I said that I would stream every-other week. Well, I realized that in two weeks is EVO, so I may not be around to stream during that time. I’ll try to do a make-up stream on the 4th of July or something. I’ll figure it out.

To anyone reading this who watched the stream last night, thanks and sorry for the glitches. My first go through and I’m working out the bugs.

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