Working on setting up Chapter 10’s self-quiz

Well, I’ve found that my self-quizzes have been exceptionally useful while I’m studying for my Japanese Vocabulary quizzes. So, I’m going to continue drafting up study tools for each chapter.

As of the moment in which I’m posting this up, I have managed to place all the vocabulary words up to the end of い-adjectives in the database. I’m hoping to finish up the rest of the quiz by the end of tonight.

Chapter 10 Vocab

Study tool for Chapter 10

As per usual, the quiz is only in ひらがな and カタカナ. Unlike per usual, I’m going to have a more to this post.

Now, since I’ve referred a few of my fellow students to my site for these study tools, I’m going to post up a few more items of interest. First, some useful apps that I’ve found that can help with supplementing the classes study: – I can’t express how well-done this app is. It has plenty of quizzes and interactive elements that can assist in getting down tricky elements of the language. – I’ve poked at this app, and it’s useful enough as a flash card tool. It doesn’t really give anything to drill oneself with outside of those flash cards. So, it can be a bit of a pain. Still, it gives examples of the various kanji in different words, which is useful. – about the same as the one above. However, It allows you to draw the kanji yourself. – I’ve recently found this app. So far, it looks like it might be a useful tool for self-drills. However, I’ve only barely touched it so far.

I’m also going to strive to use the WP-Pro-Quiz plug-in for this blog to put up a few more useful quizzes to help with studying for the midterm. For instance, I had previously started work on a quiz for counters:


Counting various objects have differing counters

However, I haven’t finished drafting it. Some of the ideas were experimental, so I’m not certain how useful this quiz would be as it is so far.

There is a chance that I might draft one up for Kanji as well.

I also might start making a post a day in Japanese just to force myself to use the language. Anyone is free to respond to me in Japanese. However, be aware that I do not know many Kanji characters yet.

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