About that Gallery

Well, I lost a bit of sleep last night fighting with this site to get the gallery working like I wanted it to. If there happened to be anyone who was trying to do something… like maybe a classmate wanting to use my self-quiz to practice for the quiz today… Sorry, I think my attempts to get the gallery working in a way that I wanted it to had brought this site down a lost last night.

I am contacting my host to see if there are ways to improve the stability of this site. I would rather not fight with this site like that again.

Anyway, I now have a gallery that hosts a ton of the pictures that I’ve taken through the last year. I don’t really have many pictures from before that time, though. So, feel free to browse it. A fair warning, I never properly went through the ton of pictures I took when on my 30th birthday trip. So, there are a number of nighttime shots that I still need to hunt down and delete, for they blurred to the point of uselessness. Thus, sorry in advance.

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