Not having a good week.

Well, things started off good this week. I’ve been using Dance Central 2 to do cardio workouts at home, which has been quite enjoyable. I was overall having a good time settling into my new modding position at Capcom. I laughed at many jokes from both my fellow co-workers and moderators. Then, things went downhill fast.

I sadly have lost my wallet and doubt I’ll ever see it again. It had all my credit cards and my driver’s license. It also had my health insurance card. I’m certain that I will never see that wallet again…

So, on Tuesday, I spent a good part of the evening calling my various financial services to tell them that my cards were lost and possibly stolen. Luckily, nothing erroneous had been charged on them. However, I currently can’t buy anything..

Then, I came into work late yesterday since I wanted to stop by the DMV and get a replacement driver’s license. At least the wait was quick. I was in and out within an hour. However, it was still a pain that I had to do that at all.

Oh well, on the upside, I spent last night watching the Big Lewboski with Chump on Netflix Xbox Live party. It was quite an enjoyable experience.

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