Screwing up your own website isn’t good

Thank goodness I am competent enough to figure out how to clean up my own mistakes.

This morning, I decided to go ahead and update my phpbb in the halcyon folder of my site. Well, it didn’t go too well. First, the site had a fatal error, which I tried to figure out. I unzipped files a few times, tried to figure out the line error, then gave up.

So, I tried to have fantastico update the forum’s files… Well, to say the least, that didn’t have the intended effect. All the files for my forums vanished at that point. Hence, I was left with next to nothing to try to recover.

Luckily, I had backups. So, I decided to purge it all and reinstall the forum. At first, I was a bit stuck because the database information was unknown to me. Thus, I wasted a bunch of time trying various options to get that to work. At long last, I had it up and running.

And those backups helped me recover years of roleplay and make it all nice and pretty so Kat won’t know a thing unless she reads this… or asks where the quick reply went. I’ll get on finding a new quick reply mod later.

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