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It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog.  I really should get around to daily posts or something, not that I really have much of a reader base…

Anyway, I have officially broken down and bought a Kinect, mostly because I made a small gamble with myself.  Basically, I was shopping on Black Friday for a simple transfer cable to so I can get my data over to my new 250 gb harddrive for my xbox (gifted to me).  While at Best Buy, one of the clerks said that Kinects should have been in stock at one of the other local stores.  So, I was like “well, it’s normally out of stock.  So, if it is actually there, I will consider it fate and buy it.”  In all honesty, I expected it to be out of stock, but there were indeed multiple Kinects at that store.  So, I went ahead and splurged.  At that time, I only bought Kinectimals, which I shall talk about in some other post.

However, I also bought Dance Central via Amazon, and that game just came in today.  So far, I feel like the game is the real deal.  It is exactly what I had hoped to find when I went into DDR several years ago.  At that time, I didn’t want to buy an expensive mat, so DDR was never fully fun for me.  To say the least, I had issues with the mat slipping out from under my feet and not registering my moves.  However, that is not the case with Dance Central.

With Dance Central, I am feeling a full body motion experience for starts, not just my legs.  Also, I know that my mess-ups on my scores are all me now, and not hardware mis-haps.  This makes me much more content with my scores than I ever was with DDR.  I also must admit that Dance Central has definitely gotten me sweating.  So far, I can’t do much more than 3-4 songs without taking a break.  However, I think I’m going to make it a program to do 20-30 minutes of this game a day to exercise.  It simply feels that effective.

Now, I do wish there was a larger song selection and that the songs came in more affordable packs.  So far, they are 240 points per song, which is a bit of a hit to my wallet.  Still, I broke down and bought one of the DLC songs because it is so nostalgic (Whoop! There it is).

Anyway, Kinect definitely feels like fun tech that produces more exercise experiences than the Wii.  So, in that way, Microsoft succeeded.

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