Peco Armor: check. Perfect gun combo: …

Well, I have continued to work on my new lowbie for the Journey over the course of the last two days.  By now, the challenge is definitely presenting itself for me.  For, as a gunner, I need to constantly keep myself supplied.  Thus, after each mission, I spend my hard-earned zenny on ammo.  Luckily, I’m making more zenny than I’m spending on ammo.  I also have a shortage of supplies such as mega potions and regular potions.  So, I rely heavily on the item box to give me the supplies to get me through each challenge.

However, I have made quite a bit of progress during this time.  I have fully created a peco gunner set, which helps gives me a few split seconds extra to successfully evade.  This set also gives me a bit of an improvement on my potions’ healing abilities.  Thus, I am able to heal the hits as well as take them a bit easier.

I’ve also made a few gun parts in these few days.  However, I have yet to find that perfect combination that makes me happy.  I have a combination that can give me strong use of poisons, though it lacks in nearly every other status option.  I also have made a combination that gives me a strong use of sleep.  Then, I have a gun combination that is average on nearly every option.

Furthermore, I’ve discovered that the database for creating gun combinations that I had been using was flawed.  The creator had failed to put in the proper ammo counts for the light bowgun frame.  So, now I am wondering if I should go back and make that frame.

As it is, I think I may be ready to take on Barroth.  However, my gun is strong on fire attacks.  Meanwhile, Barroth is weaker to water than he is to fire due to the amount of time that he stays mudded.  I also would like to make some bombs before I take on Barroth.  With my sleeping abilities, we could sleep-bomb the annoying wyvern with ease.

On a final note, I have no idea what my next target armor set will be.  Perhaps Barroth, perhaps I’ll hold out until I get my hands on Lagi armor.  We shall see.

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