Today’s fandom hall of shame

I may make this a regular bit, I don’t know.  I mean, it may be a bit mean, but…  Here it goes!

I tend to frequent when I’m bored at work.  It keeps me entertained to read up on my favorite characters in new ways that I may have never even have thought of.  However, as with any part of the fandom, there are always the “what was s/he thinking?”s out there.  These are pieces of work that are so bad or… bad that one has to wonder how this person could dream of putting them up for show.

Of course, I tend to set my searches to a bit of higher standards in hopes of avoiding these turds, but somehow they always slip through the cracks.  Thus, you will never see me post a fic that is below 10k words.  Anything below that point is just too easy to find horrible.

Well, here is today’s entrant into my personal hall of shame.

Dragon’s Scales

Welcome to the fic where you have a mary sue, who happen to be Sephiroth’s sister.  Gets even worse.  The pair happen to be both dragons for unknown reasons, because being a ShinRa experiment isn’t good enough craziness for Sephiroth…, and they also are mates in order to keep the dragon blood-line pure.

Congrats, Dragon’s Scales.  You have definitely made a mark.

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