Let the Journey Begin

For the last couple of months, a few of my hunting partners have been throwing around the idea of making new hunters that will be on-line only characters.  Our target is to only hunt with each other on-line in order to document the challenges and adventures involved in making a new character without the assistance of those with better gear.

Well, last night, the Journey began.  I created my new bowgunner hunter, Nemesis, and jumped into the fray.  After suffering through a few annoying cutscenes, that I had seen before but could not skip, we began our path of quests to give us armor and gear.

After starting with just the standard SnS and no gear whatsoever, we battled the impossible odds of the mighty Kelbis.  Their horns became ours and their pelts were stripped.  We also mined and gathered the materials needed to start off our characters on our chosen paths.

Thus, I soon found that bowgunning is very expensive when you don’t even have 5k of zenny.  However, I will endure.  I will continue to buy ammo, and definitely grab it up when it’s on sale.  Still, I will probably be the hunter that struggles the most with zenny.

I started off with a light-medium bowgun mix.  I made the medium frame, light barrel, and light stock, which created a bowgun with several slots for poison shots.  I also created the wonderful leather armor to help me in not being naked and gathering items.

From there, we tackled our old foes like Great Jaggis, Pecs, and Ludroths.  I also found that monsters love charging gunners.  The life of a gunner is a life of pain.  It also seems that Royal Ludroth may be our wall until we get better armor.  For, two of us got charged and basically one-shotted by the swimming sponge.

For now, Nemesis’s goal is to create the peco armor.  Further updates will be given later on.

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