It seems like I might need to poke my connection

For, I’ve noticed another stream in which it mysteriously split into two segments, which should not have happened.

Anyway, I am continuing with my promise to provide a blind play-through of Drakengard 3 to the public eye for mockery and just plain old fun. So far, I’ve been enjoying the game quite a bit. It has a bit more humor than the first game, and the dragon is not quite as integral as it was before. However, I’m still having a blast.

Feel free to check out today’s offerings after the break.

Watch live video from Seferia on TwitchTV

And for the last 8 minutes, which I cannot explain as to why they broke off from the first grouping:

Watch live video from Seferia on TwitchTV

Erm… Twitch isn’t wanting to play that version, so I shall load that bit on YouTube as well.

Enjoy the entertainment of watching Seferia die! There is even a segment where I beat the area right as I died. It was a very… disorienting moment.

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