Of hammer lessons and cursed quests

The last two nights have been very, very interesting. Extremely interesting. Unusually interesting. For usually nothing of interest occurs during working days for me. Usually…

However, this week has been very different. Different in ways that make me just doubt the right of things to work in a way that… Ok, nah, I’m making stuff up now. Heh, but the streams I’ve had the last two nights have been very fun. So, check them out after the “more”!

But first, I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to put up this one big statement: I want this to happen and come to the US! Interruption over. Carry on.

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Ok, let’s start with the stream that wasn’t going to be anything at all. I had just been in the mood for hunting without streaming, so I had asked various people if they wanted to hunt. When Niric and Ivy said sure, they also decided they wanted to do a little stream, which was fine by me.

Only problem was that Niric is cursed by twitch by mysterious ways, very mysterious ways. For, while he couldn’t get the stream to come up on his channel, I was able to put up a “test stream” of mine own right away. Magically, as my stream went up, so did his.

Watch live video from niric on TwitchTV

For the record, both streams that are embedded above are basically the same events, just two different views.

Anyway, as I was saying, very mysterious indeed!

However, that wasn’t the main part of that night, oh no. No, no, no. That night shall forever be remembered for this one phrase: “cock your hammer”. Remember, remember the day Niric said “cock your hammer” for it was a great day in which he was teaching Ivy about hammers and their many uses. In fact, Niric has stated that he’s gotten many #cockyourhammer after the stream. I can’t imagine who would have suggested that. Not I, for sure.

Anyone reading this who hasn’t already done it, please tweet @Niricdigital with that phrase. I didn’t do anything.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Anyway, onto last night. I had originally planned to stream Drakengard that evening. However, a bit of political mood put me in a murderous rage that could only be sated by bashing up monsters. So, I streamed Monster Hunter instead.

This was another stream to be put into the history books, for something happened in the middle of it that just should never be mentioned again.

I swear, that quest was cursed! Xane kept on double-carting followed by some form of unfortunate death of mine soon afterwards. Cursed, I say, cursed!

However, had a great time hunting with Gardevoir, Judgemagister, Malek, and Xane. It was a blast.

Xane… please get your technology checked for demonic possession. I’m certain at this point that you have something unworldly at work to make all your technology do things that just should not happen.

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