I need to bar myself from reading on the weekends

For when I find a good story, I will spend the entire day reading it, even reading until 4 am in the morning. Then again, staying up until 4 am on a Saturday is no problem for me. I can easily sleep until noon on Sundays.

I’ll be honest, that’s where most of my missed Saturday streams come from. I just get into good stories and don’t want to put them down. I’m so bad with that sometimes.

Anyway, I may have missed my Saturday stream this weekend; however, I made it up by having a blast on two impromptu Sunday streams. I also amazingly managed to get some rare items that have been eluding me for some time now on Sunday. It was a very productive stream.

As per usual, I’m sticking a jump here before embedding my streams. So, feel free to press the more link and check them out!

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

First, it all started with Seferia being in the mood for Monster Hunter. She was so much in the mood that she was willing to solo stuff. However, she spotted Malek online and decided to message him and ask him to hunt. Thus, the two of them got on and started just randomly hunting stuff.

After the third hunt that went incredibly well, with Ians dying nearly as quickly as they arrived, we decided to stream for the heck of it. That unrecorded run never got replicated. However, Malek was still honored in the title by being proclaimed OP.

In the end, Ians were slaughtered. When Highwind joined, Plesis also became victims of unbiased slaughter. Seferia got two Ian mantles in one run. It was all goodly. However, that stream was called to an end when the various participants had to run off. So, Seferia had thought she was done for the night.

Oh, but Seferia lied when she closed off the first stream. For, along came a Niric.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

The murder session was called into season once again, with a returned Malek and Niric in the mix this time. And, oh my. Just oh my!

This was a segment to be remembered with all our various conversations. When Malek and Niric got into the music discussion, things just got a bit hot.

Malek and Seferia also showed Niric how Lucent Narga is done. Mmm-hmmm.

Overall, it was a very fun Sunday. Thanks all for joining!

On another note, I really wish that Twitch permitted for comments on recorded videos. I really, really do wish for that.

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