Seferia adds breaking Niric’s internet to her tally

My ability to break things that I’m associated with continues in multiple ways. I just seem to be capable of making things glitch on people by being around now too. Inanimate objects just simply do not like me. That must be it.

Anyway, all joking aside, last night, I got the pleasure to join Niric on his Monster Hunter stream. It was a complete blast hunting with both Niric and Ivy. Both are fun in unique ways.

Anyway, I nabbed the embed link for Niric’s recording of the stream, so feel free to watch the hijinks then witness the stream freak out as time goes by. It may have been possessed.

Watch live video from niric on TwitchTV

Thanks for having me on your stream, Niric. Oh, I do hope that Ivy eventually did wake up, too.

Also, once more, bitches love cannons.

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