When spell checks go wrong

Spell checks are wonderful things.  They help people locate errors that had been overlooked for various reasons.  I know for sure that I have had my share of typos that have been caught by spell checks.  They definitely can save a piece of work, that’s for sure.

However, one must always be careful when utilizing an automated service to look over a product.  There’s always the chance that the program will guess the wrong word when attempting to decipher bad spelling.  Sometimes, the spell checker is not programmed properly, so it doesn’t know the word is wrong.  So, it’s always best to double-check the spell checker either on one’s own or by asking someone else to review it.

However, despite how sloppy it may look when a spell checker does come up with the wrong word, I manage to find a fair deal of amusement from the results.  Results such as these two.

“He could feel burning heat around him as he struggled to the service, desperate for some air. Once he reached the service, he swam slowly over to a rock ledge and pulled himself out of the lava.”


“While Ada was on her mission and reported to him about Jake Muller, he was surprised that he had a sun, but he did not show it.”

Both of these examples came from the same mediocre story.  In fact, there’s other points that I can pick at, such as the author’s notes being longer than the actual chapter, but those two sentences simply stuck out.

Thanks for the laugh via wrong word usage.

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