Almost time for Starcraft

Well, within the next few weeks, I shall finally have my hands on Starcraft 2 and all the critters that come along with it. I’ve had this game pre-ordered since early last year, so I am more than glad that it is finally coming out.

However, I might not be able to fully enjoy the game until I get my new computer finally built. As it is, I’ve just been nabbing parts here and there. I have a case, a monitor, a power supply, and a sound card (yes, I know that isn’t needed, but I prefer having improved sound for my surround-sound speakers) in the bag. Within the next two months, I’ll go into full gear and buy the rest of the items.

So, for now, I think I’ll have to hope that Starcraft runs fine on my laptop. To date, my laptop hasn’t had many issues with games at all. So, I think I should be perfectly fine with that set-up.

Of course… I am so going to suck at the game. Heh. I’ve never been great at being patient for resources.

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