Another weekend full of streams

Seems like both the Star Wars Fridays and the Ultimaturdays are going strong. So far, I have not had a reason to miss either dose of streaming. Though, both need some work, that’s for sure.

Anyway, if you missed my streams from the weekend and want to check them out, feel free to press the more button below.

But first, a little preview of the chaos to come:

Don't Run With Maps

Yep, that did happen.

Also, thank you, Moropa, for the image.

Ok, so let us start with the Star Wars: The Old Republic offerings. Amazingly, people decided to stop by and watch as Malek and I purely messed around in the game. We’re not even taking it seriously. It’s kinda sweet seeing people chat about our exploits when we’re not even doing much of anything.

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And it seems that our break is going to become customary. Hrm… I’m not certain what to do about the background music for while the stream is running. Seems that the area that we’re in doesn’t have much music. Strange strange.

Anyway, part 2:

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Now, onto Friday. This week, I had a nice cast that were very talkative. So, I rather enjoyed the conversations that we had. Unfortunately, I did have a slight minor issue. I slightly broke my stream-mid way through. More on that later.

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Now, as you can see, at the end of that, there was a slight amount of chaos. Slight as in huge. Well, oops. Seferia accidentally had her G13 laying underneath her laptop. The laptop put pressure on keys that activated things like alt and ctrl. So, when I went to refresh the stream, I slightly made it freak out. It simply did not know what to do with the massive amounts of button presses that it was registering. So, the error was all of my own fault. My apologies. At least the rest of the stream continued on without a hitch.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Now, if you managed to survive watching all of that, you win a cookie!

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